What is magnesium glycinate?

Magnesium glycinate is a health supplement that is mineral-based. It is most often used to treat those individuals who are experiencing a reduced level of magnesium found in the blood. Magnesium glycinate helps to elevate the levels of magnesium and provides normal functions of the nerves, bones, heart, muscles, and cells. It provides a natural therapeutic way to treat low magnesium levels and helps to alleviate any symptoms or side effects that the individual may be experiencing.

Magnesium is most often provided from a healthy and well-balanced diet. However, there are certain health conditions that can prevent the body from absorbing sufficient magnesium or lead to a reduction of magnesium at a faster rate than the body can replace it. It is a useful treatment for those who find their magnesium levels are exceedingly low because of health conditions. While poor diet is most often the leading factor as to why people suffer from low magnesium levels, there are other causes that can contribute to this.

Other contributing factors include diuretics, which are commonly used to eliminate water retention. Poor diet is another leading cause, along with alcoholism and any other condition that causes the body to lose fluids rapidly. Those who have been suffering from gastrointestinal conditions, which result in severe diarrhea and vomiting or the inability to be able to absorb vitamins and minerals through the digestive tract may also experience low magnesium levels.

What are the symptoms of low magnesium?

The clinical symptoms of magnesium deficiency are easy to notice. These present themselves in a physiological manner and can impact the harmonious balance of other minerals, including potassium and calcium. Clinical symptoms will include muscle cramps, muscle spasms, anxiety, seizures, irregular heartbeats, and involuntary tics.

Subclinical symptoms arise after the onset of clinical symptoms. They are typically hidden and are difficult to differentiate between other conditions. Some of the more notable symptoms caused by low magnesium conditions can include insomnia, depression and anxiety, emotional difficulties, ongoing and chronic fatigue, severe migraines, and mood disorders.

There have also been suggested links between low magnesium levels and some more serious chronic diseases, such as asthma, hypertension, and osteoporosis. Low magnesium levels are made worse as the body strips magnesium to utilize during times of functioning low magnesium conditions. By functioning magnesium conditions, this means those who are experiencing low levels of magnesium in the blood but are able to lead a normal life.

Magnesium glycinate supplementation

Magnesium glycinate is a great way to replenish the body of magnesium levels and increase the amount of magnesium found within the blood. Once the levels of magnesium begin to rise in the body once again, the symptoms and side effects that you may have been experiencing will begin to become alleviated. This will provide therapeutic treatment without the need for prescription medication or Pharmaceuticals.

It is important to remember that magnesium deficiency typically has an underlying cause, which if not discovered, will most likely lead to repeat experiences of low magnesium levels. If you have been suffering from gastrointestinal conditions that have resulted in severe diarrhea or vomiting, then this is most likely the cause. If you experience chronic low magnesium levels which directly impact upon your mood or emotional well-being then you should make an appointment to visit your doctor for a checkup.

Magnesium glycinate treatment will typically alleviate symptoms within the first few days of starting the treatment plan. It is considered a safe and effective treatment for those who have low magnesium condition. For those who have healthy levels of magnesium within their blood, supplementation may be beneficial but only to a certain degree.