Fat Soluble Racetam Option?

Many people who take racetams are also interested in a new trend called Butter coffee, but butter coffee may be more hype than anything. This type of coffee is usually very simple to make. Simply add butter, ghee, or coconut oil (MCT oil) to the coffee and then see what kind of brain effects you might find. While this is a great nootropic in its own right, sometimes you might want to find something else to go with it.

aniracetam_structureFor people who are into fasting with this fat source, it is a good idea for you to include a racetam that is fat soluble at this point. It will not only increase the efficiency of your fast, but it will take advantage of the fat to help you get the best results. Aniracetam is the number one racetam option that is fat soluble. This is a nootropic found in the 1970s that is structurally similar to piracetam, which was the first of the family to be synthesized.

Although there are plenty of options for you to take in the morning, if you are into butter coffee and want to be fueled by fat rather than carbohydrates, it is a good idea to take nootropics that help this process. Aniracetam is the most compatible racetam for this process and it is one that many people (including Dave Asprey) have offered as an adequate mental solution for a hard day of work!

Now that you have an option that is fat soluble, it is much easier to decide how your routine of supplementation might look like. In the morning, you can take butter coffee and aniracetam together to get the most effects. You can then add some piracetam later in the day or if you are feeling especially like you need a boost, opt for phenylpiracetam or oxiracetam.