What Brain Chemicals are Released in Love?

There are many things that you can do in order to improve your life, but the chemicals that come with love and romantic relationships are often the most important for you to have a happier life. In order to see how this is true, you have to better understand the biochemistry of love and the chemicals that are released during the process of love making and falling in love. While it is different for everyone, it will give you some idea so that you can make better decisions and see why you are so addicted to certain feelings.heart

When you are in love there are a few chemicals that are being released. One of the things that most people find in other nootropics is called dopamine. This is the brain chemical that is responsible for feeling happy and euphoric. There are many people who take things like mucuna pruriens or L-DOPA in order to get this chemical, but it is not necessary. You can use a variety of different methods in order to get more dopamine. Even sugar can provide this chemical, which means it is one you should not abuse.

Most people who are also making love will find a chemical oxytocin released during the process. This is something that causes sleepiness and lethargy in men, but it is a long term healthy chemical for maintaining a healthy disposition. If you are feeling like you could use more happiness in your life, they now have oxytocin spray that can make a difference as well.

All of these chemicals can improve your health in addition to added testosterone, which is a part of the brain chemical bonus you get with more love and sex. This is one of the more important of the chemicals as it can make sure that you are getting joy in life even during stressful situations.